Advent 2018

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In a world that feels weary and uncertain at times, A Thrill of Hope offers us a powerful understanding of God’s promised hope in the person of Jesus. This 4-week study through Advent invites individuals and communities to pause, breathe deeply, and wait for the new and glorious morning revealed to us in Christ.

Advent teaches us the value of WAITING.  Hope is something that is realized more fully when we spend time looking ahead to what we so desire to happen.

Much like kids waiting for Christmas morning to open their presents, Advent is our time as Christians to look forward to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Although Jesus’ birth took place many years ago, our hope today is based on the belief that God is still working around us, and He is doing new things and fulfill the hopes stirred with us through His presence in our lives.  And,  He desires to bring light into dark places, just like Jesus’ birth brought light into a dark world thousands of years ago. (See John 1:1-14)


As a church, we want to take this journey together.  We will do it through..

  • special times of Advent reflection and the lighting of candles in our Sunday services and Christmas Eve service,
  • “table” groups that will meet several weeks in December,
  • daily Scripture readings sent via email with devotionals,
  • options for Family Activities and  a solid book for kids to help them understand Advent through the story of a child named Hope. 

Our series will launch on the first Sunday of Advent, December 2nd.  You can sign-up to…

  • …receive daily emails with the Scripture readings (You can subscribe directly by CLICKING HERE.)
  • …receive an Advent devotional book
  • …receive a special Kids Advent devotional book. (suggested donation: $5)
  • …join a Table group (we have a variety of leaders and times and locations for our small groups. If you have any specific request, let us know! See below for an updated listing of our Table Small Groups)

You can go ONLINE to sign-up by CLICKING HERE.  Or, there is a display in the church lobby where you can do this, or you can email us at


TABLE SMALL GROUP UPDATE (as of 11/29/18).  Check back… more could be added!

Sunday 11am Table Groups

  • Mosaics – College & Career Aged/Bambi Steelman
  • Adults of All Ages/Mike & Lara Murphy
  • Latino/Angelina Jones & John Sandoval
  • Senior Adults/Pastor Noah & Linda
  • Adults of All Ages/Maxine Bowers & Marie Charles, at Maxine’s house, 11:30am

During the Week Table Groups

  • Jim & Sherri Cochran/Jeff & Wendy Reed, at their homes, 12/7, 14 (Reed), 12/18 (Cochran)
  • Gregg & Dodi Alsbrooks, at their home, 12/6, 13 & 18
  • Grieco/Jourdan/Siverd, at their homes, 12/9Grieco, 12/15Jourdan, 12/22Siverd
  • James & Tracie Moots, at their home on Thursday, 7:00pm