We invite the church community to spend time daily in Scripture and Prayer during the season of Lent, using the following resource: 

Lent is a season when we remember Jesus’ journey toward the cross even as we take up our own cross to follow after him. Dr. Jesse C Middendorf (former General Superintendent, Church of the Nazarene) and Rev. Stephanie Dyrness Lobdell (campus pastor at Mount Vernon Nazarene University) have co-authored this daily Lenten devotional based on Scriptures from the Book of Common Prayer.

Here is how it works: Each day offers Psalms to read in the morning, and Psalms to read in the evening.  The purpose for these readings is so that you have a daily rhythm of spending time in the Bible towards the beginning of the day, and towards the end of the day.

Also, each day, there is a reading from the Old Testament, the Gospels, and one of the New Testament Letters.  There is also a devotional, reflection questions, and a prayer for each day.  You can choose to read these when you read the Psalms in the morning or evening, or you can do it at a separate time of the day. 

For each day, one of the pastoral staff will post a Scripture to read and thought from the devotional on our church’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

CLICK HERE to purchase the paperback version of the book on Amazon for $11.99.  (Note:  The book will arrive after the Lenten season has started).  

CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW to purchase the book electronically for $10 and access it immediately: