Our aim is to offer small groups at a variety of times during the week, although many of our groups meet at 11am on Sunday mornings. 


For those 11am groups, our goal is to offer enough groups so that everyone who wants to can plug in, while keeping the small group size at 12-15, because usually this size creates the best opportunity for effective discussion.

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HERE ARE OUR SUNDAY MORNING GROUPS THAT WILL MEET AT 11am.  You don’t need to sign-up in advance.  The locations of these groups will be advertised on Sunday, February 5th.


Here are four groups geared for adults of any age/life station:

*CARL/JORDAN Group – Co-led by John Carl & Denise Jordan

*CHARLES/MOOTS Group – Co-led by Marie Charles & James Moots

*STRAN/WOOSLEY Group – Co-led by Stephen Stran & Sherri Woosley

*MURPHY/SMITH Group – Co-led by Lara Murphy & Everett Smith


*We will also offer a MOSAICS group, led by Bambi Steelman (for our college/career aged, out of high school and into their mid 20’s, YOUNG ADULTS, led by Chris & Brenna Grieco (for young adults, married or single, generally from the mid 20s to mid 30s), & a LATINO GROUP, led by John Sandoval (for those who would enjoy a Spanish-speaking option)


In addition, these groups will meet at other times of the week:

*Sun Morn, 9:30am, DEISROTH GROUP (for those who attend the Traditions service at 11am)


*Wed Night, 7pm, RUGGED DUDES, led by Pastor Russ Long (For Men)


*Thurs Night, 7pm, MOOTS Group, led by James & Tracie Moots in their home in the Churchville area.  Open to all adults. Contact them by email at for more details.