What is E100?

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100 passages from the Bible have been picked as “Essential”*

 We will read the second half of those passages over a 10 week span beginning in February and going through Palm Sunday, engaging together the 50 Essential passages from the New Testament

On the Sundays during that 10 week span, we will…

 *Hear a sermon from one of the passages read that week, AND

*Have opportunity to be in a small group that interacts from the reading and sermon.

Sign-up will begin on Sunday, January 12th.

On that day, you can sign-up in 2 different ways…

 …you can sign-up and commit to reading the 5 passages a week as an individual and family, AND

…you can sign-up to be a part of a small group that will discuss together passages and sermon.


You will also be able to email the info to be submitted on the card to Gregg Alsbrooks (galsbrooks@belairnazarene.org)

We believe in the living, active nature of the Word of God, and desire as a community to encounter God in a deeper way by spending time with His Word as individuals, as families, and as a church community!



Will the small groups that meet during these 10 weeks be different from the small groups that currently meet?

They will be different for the 10 week span, although most will find some members of their current small group in their E100 group.   We believe the E100 small groups provide a great opportunity for those who are new to Sunday AM small groups to give one a try.  When the E100 concludes at the end of March, our small groups before E100 will resume meeting, with the probable formation of a new group or two.    


When will the E100 groups meet?

On Sunday mornings, during one of the two morning services.   Most will attend the 9:30 service, and then attend a small group following the service.  Others will meet in a small group beginning at 9:30 and then attend the “Traditions” service. 


*The E100 is a Bible reading program offered by the American Bible Society.  Over the course of 20 weeks of your choosing, you read 5 passages a week, and cover 50 essential sections of Scripture from the Old Testament and 50 essential sections of Scripture from the New Testament.  You can learn more about this by going to http://e100.americanbible.org/.