Ways to Connect

In addition to reading the weekly Scripture, you can get involved in the following ways.

  • Sign-up to be a part of an E100 Group that meets during one of the morning service slots (9:30 or 11:00).  These groups will begin meeting on Sunday, January 20th.  You can sign-up or get more info by emailing Pastor Gregg Alsbrooks (galsbrooks@belairnazarene.org).
  • For smartphone users, you can participate sign-up to be a part of a YouVersion ‘live’ event.  When you do this, the Scripture is sent to you on your phone, plus you will have the opportunity to participate in polls and give input on questions asked about Scripture being read.  Go here to enter the life event on YouVersion.
    • Here are steps to access it within the app on your smartphone:   Install and open YouVersion. In the menu, navigate to Live. Select Search for a Live Event. Search using the zip code 21015.  Select the current week of E100 (Bel Air Nazarene) to access the scripture and features for that week.

  • Like ‘Bel Air Church of the Nazarene‘ on Facebook, and receive group updates.  When you do this, you’ll receive links to the Scriptures, as well as  get access to questions and other information about E100.
  • For those who want to get deeper in discussion about E100 via Facebook, a group has been formed which you can join.  Click here for that group.
  • Pastor Russ will share reflections on E100 Scripture via his blog from time to time.  Go there…

If you would like to receive email or text updates, email Deb Sword (dsword@belairnazarene.org) your email address or mobile phone number.  You can also call the church at (410) 838-8290 and provide this information.