Weekly Study Aids

Below are links to weekly study aids created by Pastor Gregg.  They are not meant to be comprehensive and cover every area of the Scripture we are reading.  They do provide a narrative that informs the biblical passages we are reading as  a church community each week.  The aid also provides key points and verses, along with questions that can aid in discussing the passages.

If you have a question about the Scripture or what you read in the aids, you can email Pastor Gregg at galsbrooks@belairnazarene.org.

Week 10 Aid – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Jonah, Malachi

Week 9 Aid – Psalms, Proverbs

Week 8 Aid – II Samuel, I & II Kings

Week 7 Aid – I & II Samuel

Week 6 Aid – Judges, Ruth

Week 5 Aid – Exodus Chapters 19-34, Joshua 1-6

Week 4 Aid – Exodus Chapters 1 – 14

Week 3 Aid – Genesis Chapters 37-46

Week 2 Aid – Genesis Chapters 12-35

Week 1 Aid – Genesis Chapters 1-11