The Life & Ministry of Jesus (2016)

life and ministry of Jesus









Structured like its previous counterparts (E100OT & E100 NT – links are to the right), “The Life & Ministry of Jesus” is a 10 week series in which our entire church community will study 50 passages of Scripture centered around the ministry, message, and miracles of Jesus Christ.  In this series,

  • a daily email will be sent out 5 times a week giving the Scripture for that day, a devotional thought, and a question to ponder,
  • the sermon for the Sunday following each week of reading will focus on one of the passages, and
  • small groups will meet on Sundays and Wednesdays  to discuss the readings and the sermons.
  • Adults, Teens, & Children will all be reading the same Scriptures.

Daily Readings begin on Monday, January 11th:

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  • Click here (scripture plan) to see the entire 10 week reading plan.
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Small Groups begin on Sunday, January 17th & Wednesday, January 13th:

  • To view the brochure and get more information about the small groups being offered, click on this:  Winter BACON U Brochure 2016.
  • If you would like to indicate your interest in attending a small group, or if you have questions, you can contact Pastor Gregg at