Sunday Mornings

9:30am Sunday Mornings:  Children’s Worship & Bible Study 


Children Age 4 to 5th grade will meet in the GSR and be dismissed from their individual Sunday School rooms in the children’s wing.  Preschool children ages 3 and under will be dropped off and picked up at their regular Sunday School room at 11am. Nursery children ages 0 to second birthday can be dropped off or picked up at any time.

We ask parents to visit with friends a few minutes or enjoy some coffee and donuts after the 9:30am service is over and come to pick up your children promptly at 11am so teachers have time to get to the 11am church service.


We have a strong commitment to educate and train young minds for a life of Godly living and service.  To meet the needs of the changing times, peer pressure and pushed maturity, we have designed a Sunday school with well-trained and loving teachers.  Our teachers facilitate meaningful and Bible-based activities that apply God’s Word to everyday living.

Our Classes

  • Nursery/Toddlers
  • (2’s)—Trish Orndorff
  • (3’s)–Brenda Henson
  • (4’s & Kindergarten)—Dayne & Amanda Maust
  • (1st-2nd Grade)—Nina Feveryear & Megan Artman
  • (3rd)–Kirsten Kuehne & Kazmin Gainey
  • (4th-5th)–Kent Jordan

July & August

During July and August, we give some of our Sunday School teachers a break and we kick things up a notch with Summer Sabbath where we focus of missions and missionaries and Sunday Mornings VBS.   Each year is a little different and we will advertise upcoming events but we do have Sunday morning children’s programing all year long.

We offer nursery for children age 2 and under from 9:30am-noon all year long.


11:00am Sunday Mornings

We have a Preschool Class for 3’s, 4’s and 5’s.

For K-5th Grade in the Fall, we do Children’s Bible Study that follows our quizzing program during the 11:00 hour.  Click here to learn more.

September- December

After the 11:oo hour (from noon until 1), children can sign up to be in our Children’s Christmas Musical directed by Mrs. Tracie Moots.  You can see more information on our Christmas musical page