Faith Promise

CLICK HERE for our Faith Promise Brochure for 2017:  Faith Promise Brochure 2017.

What is a Faith Promise? Faith Promise is an adventure!

Faith Promise Giving is a method of giving for the mission of the church that enables us to give generously to others. It is money given in addition to our tithes and offerings. It is not a pledge, but a promise that as God enables, we will give from our abundance to bless others. The Faith Promise Celebration is scheduled for January 24 – 25, 2015 with Brian and Rina Roark. There will be a dinner on Saturday evening, and Brian will be sharing during the worship services on Sunday morning.

It is through Faith Promise that…

…our missionaries, the Manns, as well as 700 missionaries in 150 world areas, are supported by the General Church of the Nazarene.

…retired missionaries, Ron & Shelva Calhoun, who grew up in the Bel Air Church, and 300 retired missionaries receive a pension & medical coverage.

…two hospitals and more than 60 medical clinics, like the one for which we provided a new roof in Guatemala City, and the maternity center for which we provided doors & windows, are able to minister.

…new believers in the jungles of Peru are able to read God’s Word in their language.

…God is training workers in more than 50 Bible colleges, seminaries and vocational colleges around the world.

…Compassionate Ministry projects and the Jesus Film Ministry receive their base support.

It is through Faith Promise that you and I have the wonderful privilege of working where God is working.

Traditionally, the Bel Air Church of the Nazarene has an annual Faith Promise Weekend, held in February or March and featuring a special mission speaker. The fun begins Saturday evening with a themed celebration of missions that includes a dinner, sometimes ethnic, with special decorations, activities and contests for children and youth, and highlighting our mission speaker.

Sunday morning services again feature our mission speaker. At the close of the service, an invitation is given to fill out a Faith Promise card, in which a promise is made to give whatever amount God has impressed on our hearts to give for missions over the next year, trusting that He will provide.