Latest Sermons

Below you can access sermons for the last 10 weeks by listening straight from the site or by downloading to your computer.  We do our best to upload a Sunday sermon by noon the following Tuesday.  You can also subscribe at iTunes and get a weekly podcast.  If you would like sermons further back than 10 weeks, contact the church office at 410-838-8290.

Date Title Series Speaker(s) Listen or Download
4/14/19 Love From A King A Divine Conspiracy Gregg Alsbrooks
10/14/18 Bushes That Don't Burn Up Not part of a series Gregg Alsbrooks
8/19/18 Teen Mission Adventure '18 Highlights Not part of a series Gregg Alsbrooks
5/06/18 The Reaction to Those Who Flourish The Beatitudes Gregg Alsbrooks
3/11/18 Growth in Community This Is Us Gregg Alsbrooks
3/04/18 Developing Heart Habits This Is Us Gregg Alsbrooks
9/24/17 A Story To Share Got Hope I Gregg Alsbrooks
7/02/17 What's In A Name? Not part of a series Gregg Alsbrooks
3/12/17 A Tale of Two Visions THE ACTS CHURCH Gregg Alsbrooks
10/09/16 Covenant Cultivating A Culture of DIsciple-Making Gregg Alsbrooks