Latest Sermons

Below you can access sermons for the last 10 weeks by listening straight from the site or by downloading to your computer.  We do our best to upload a Sunday sermon by noon the following Tuesday.  You can also subscribe at iTunes and get a weekly podcast.  If you would like sermons further back than 10 weeks, contact the church office at 410-838-8290.

Date Title Series Speaker(s) Listen or Download
12/29/19 The Escape to Egypt King-Size Manger Noah Tharp
12/22/19 Come & See What God Has Done! King-Size Manger Gregg Alsbrooks
12/15/19 Seeing & Hearing The Kingdom King-Size Manger Gregg Alsbrooks
12/08/19 The Kingdom Is Near King-Size Manger Gregg Alsbrooks