NYC 2019 July 8-15

There will be a preparation day on June 29th at Melwood Church of the Nazarene. Heather Ingram will be organizing our teen’s attendance and is the main contact for all things NYC related (

We are 19 teens and 4 adults strong!  We will be traveling with the MAD District, a group of 184.  We will converge on Phoeniz, AZ in July along with thousands of other Nazarene teens and adults.  It’s very exciting!

A payment is expected on the 15th of each month until May 15, when the total payment is due.  Payments can be mailed to:  Melissa Moser,  Attn:  MAD NYI, 1624 Lynch Road, Baltimore, MD 21222.  You can also make a check out to the church and we will include it in a group check to be sent out that week.

Also, Heather Ingram is organizing some fundraisers for our group.  Please be watching your emails with updates on the different projects we will be doing.

  • You can learn more about our district’s plans BY GOING HERE, and you can see a cool highlight video from 2015 in Louisville KY..
  • CLICK HERE for the complete district packet about NYC
  • Here is a cool video of NYC alum talking about the impact the event has had in their lives.
  • And, here is a link to the official NYC 2019 site