What is NYI?

Our youth group is a part of the Church of the Nazarene, and the youth ministry of the church is called Nazarene Youth International.   We think it is neat that we can connect with teens in other places who have instant unity through shared belief.  Many lasting friendships are formed outside of the church because of:

Events with other churches across our district (called ‘Mid Atlantic NYI’), like Bible Quiz Meets and summer camp and a talent competition called Festival of Life.  To learn more about our district NYI, go to http://www.madnyi.com/.

Connection with other teens across the Eastern United States.  Bible Quizzing and Festival of Life happen at this level.  Most of the time, these events take place at Eastern Nazarene College, located outside of Boston, MA. You can learn more about the regional FOL event by CLICKING HERE.

Joining with other teens across the country and the world when we do events like Nazarene Youth Congress and when we take mission trips. To learn more about “Global NYI” CLICK HERE.